HELP tackle the challenge of "independent student learning" of WeVideo

Well, we are all in this together, and “this” includes a lot these days!! Distance learning for the long haul is in many of our near futures. This next school year will mean teaching from a screen, which, as you surely know when working with kids, means that helping individuals is a lot more challenging than the way you might in a physical classroom.

I am trying to find, develop, or maybe even just conceptualize how to teach students in K-5 (or more realistically, grades 2-5) to semi-independently START using WeVideo. I have scoured these forums looking for such a thing with no luck. What I HAVE seen has been impressive (creative lesson ideas abound!), but they all seem to skip past the inevitable challenge of teaching AND having kids practice the basics of WeVideo. I have seen many of the “beginner’s guide to WeVideo” in these forums, but most focus on teaching teachers, not 3rd graders. Nothing really for students in a “turnkey” format.

The reality is that WeVideo is a powerful tool to empower students, but in order to get it in the hands of more students, the pathway can be blocked by a teacher’s willingness to…

  1. learn it themselves
  2. learn it well enough to feel confident in teaching it
  3. take the TIME needed to teach it to kids (albeit away from their content curriculum)
  4. Have the PATIENCE to help kids work through common issues (ex. the simple idea of “ctrl -” to see all tracks)
  5. All this on top of the fact that many are already overwhelmed with the OTHER tools that they need to master just to teach effectively for distance learning.

It’s a hard sell. I know many of you understand from BOTH perspectives. And again, the reality is that many humans (not just teachers), will give up on something when it gets hard, doesn’t seem personally valuable, or feels like there isn’t an immediate place to ask for help DESPITE whether it could help students.

I want to be able to hand a fellow teacher a “self-guided student lesson(s)”. Yes, there are many short videos in WeVideo Academy, but there is nothing that I’ve found that will take students, step by step, through the entire process, in a way that really understands what it might look like in the hands of students on their own. My thoughts are currently…

  1. A doc (or hyperdoc) that serves as a skills tutorial for students, maybe with written directions on the left and a GIF for each skill on the right. GIFS are great because they break down individual skills without scrubbing through a video.
  2. A section of “common mistakes kids make” and the go-to solutions; essentially, like a reliable FAQ section for kids (ex. trying to slice a clip when they haven’t selected i.e. “orange rectangle” the clip and getting frustrated)
  3. Some sort of skills assessment that allows for self-correction…something like “I can trim a clip to end after 3 seconds” or “I can create a new track and rename it ‘Sound Effects’”. Again, maybe having them refer back to the GIFS to see if their abilities match the GIF.
  4. And so on…

I love WeVideo and I know the power it holds for students. But my reach as a teacher, in a supportive role at least, is limited to my own students and teachers in my network. I am looking for (or maybe to create) something that removes as many obstacles as needed to directly enable students to learn this independently with a digital guide.

Sorry for the long post! I am optimistic that this either exists or can be created!

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Hi Todd,
Boy, sounds like a big challenge. I’d love to see what the growing WeVideo community of creative minds have to say about this!

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Hey @todd.pozen Thanks for posting this question here. We just wrapped out customer summit WCCS20 and there were a ton of fun sessions. You can review all of the recordings here:

I think this will be a great place to start for you to tackle this. Stacey Roshan ran a really good session with ideas using PearDeck, EdPuzzle and WeVideo :star_struck: